Are you down with B.O.B?

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Training
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Naughty by Nature really rocked it when they busted out their “Down with O.P.P” hit and now it’s time that you all rock it and get down with B.O.B.

The Benefits Of Body-weight training (B.O.B) are immense, yet sadly often overlooked and underused.

How many times do you incorporate body-weight  training? How many times do you see others using body-weight exercises?

Conversely, how many times do you see people endlessly using and waiting to use machines or any other piece of equipment?  A sad state of affairs.

One of the best machines or pieces of equipment that you can use is your own body! Look at gymnasts for example. They have arguably some of the best physiques in the world and spend very little time in the gym. They have the type of physiques and muscular development that most guys wish they had and yet you won’t find them spending countless hours in the gym or wasting time on the peck deck, leg extension, etc.

Master your own body-weight and you will start to display a body that is a lean, mean “machine”.

These are just a few of the basic bodyweight exercises you can and should be doing:




Any sort of jumps (squat, lunge, one-legged, etc)

Handstands or handstand push-ups


Close grip push-ups


Planks (front, side)

Mountain climbers


The list is endless….all you need to do is pick a few, head to your local park/playground, enjoy the weather and bust out a few sets and begin to get lean and jacked!

In my bootcamp, I have all my guys/girls incorporating and mastering many of the above exercises and they are definitely put to the test. After all, if you can’t handle your own body weight, you have no right setting foot in the gym.

Here’s an example:
Perform the following exercises and then rest for 60-90 seconds and complete 5 rounds:

Push-ups x 20

Reverse lunge x 15 each leg

Mountain climbers x 50 (25 each leg)

Squat jumps x 10

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 4 more times.

Short, intense, and result producing.

The next session you could do step-ups, plank to push-ups, pull ups (on any bar at the playground), and burpees.  These types of workouts will crank up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.  And as you can see, the options are endless…it just takes you doing some work, busting your ass and using your body to its fullest!

So, are you down with B.O.B….

Yeah, you know me!

Keep well, keep strong,

Matthew B

  1. Hey Matthew, great post, I really enjoyed it.. However, there is one point you made that I completely and totally disagree with…

    and that is: “if you can’t handle your own body weight, you have no right setting foot in the gym” …

    so if someone is obese (or VERY weak from say.. an injury), you’d prefer they NOT go to the gym and workout on the weight stacks or cardio equipment?

    I’d have to say if they can’t handle their body weight, they probably yes, need to lose a lot of weight, but they also need to gain strength (or rehab from an accident), which, if their bodyweight is too much for them, can ONLY be accomplished with weights equipment including free weight and maybe even those dreaded machines if their bulk or lack of strength is preventing them from using free weights effectively…

    So, those that can’t handle their own bodyweight yet, should certainly use weight training equipment to build up to being ABLE to handle their bodyweight, wouldn’t you agree?

    thanks again

  2. Josh says:

    Dude, great post. Most definitely the way to go. It’s amazing to me how many people can’t do pushups, pullups, lunges etc. Gotta be able to pull your own weight fo sho!

  3. Dave Sandel says:

    I definitely agree that people need to be able to handle their own bodyweight and perform the basic movements you described, but I’d also add that it highly highly highly depends on their goals and current training/strength levels.

    Yes, those can be incorporated and be BRUTAL in a fat burning session as you pointed out. Though, I’m not sure how doing countless push-ups will help a moderate to advanced lifter increase their bench effectively. Again, yes, as an assistance exercise maybe, but even then I’m guessing they’d need/want to add weight.

  4. mblacker says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Jackie: I hear what you’re saying and in extreme cases the use of machines/other equipment may be necessary. However, this post is directed to the average/beginner guy/girl looking to get into better shape (and holds a lot of relevance for intermediate to advanced trainees too). For those that are obese or suffering an injury….they are going to need clearance before starting any exercise regime and therefore are a separate category unto themselves. With that being said, I still believe that they should be learning bodyweight exercises within their limit/range. I have had clients who were obese, injured, and a combination of the two and have had them progress through bodyweight exercises successfully. I have also had clients that were put through machine/equipment exercises for several weeks/months and even though they gained significant strength, when it came to the same bodyweight equivalent exercise, they struggled mightily. The converse was true: when they improved on the bodyweight exercises there were improvements on the equipment exercises. They are living day to day with their “bodyweight” and as such are a walking machine. Therefore, learning how to move and gain strength will help in more ways than one. is sad to see, gotta teach them the ways!

    Dave-goals are absolutely important as are starting strength levels. Progression is key. If you’re a powerlifter, countless push-ups won’t give you a bigger bench, BUT they can you say assistance. On the flip side though, myself, gymnasts I’ve trained, and others alike have shown great strength improvements from doing certain bodyweight exercises. The key to all this is to get people moving, using their own bodies for the better and to their full potential.

    Thanks again!

  5. […] don’t say you don’t squat) and then decide a reasonable increase. If you select all the major lifts and increase the weight on them…you will get stronger, […]

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