Just do it!

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Misc.
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Watsup guys!?

I’m going  to keep this one short and sweet…

Nike is a powerful and successful business and we all know their famed catch phrase: “just do it”.

That is the take home message I want to come across in this post.

Basically, if you are planning on starting a fitness/strength routine or doing something to get you more active…just do it!

Way too often, well intentioned people simply put off starting a new training program, class, or whatever it is. They say to themselves:

I’ll start tomorrow…or next week”

“This is a busy month, next month is better”

“I’ll start after my vacation”

“I need to get new gym clothes first”

Etc, etc.

When it comes down to it…these are simply all EXCUSES!


Don’t put it off anymore…don’t wait…


I’ve been guilty of this myself at times and i’m not saying it’s easy….but you have to believe in yourself and start today. What if tomorrow never comes? Scary thought, but you get my point. There is no perfect time to start…the only time is now!

Just do it…now…today! Not tomorrow…get after it TODAY!

In fact, stop reading this post right now and go start your training program, get to the gym, take that class…what ever it is…do it!

Ok, since you’re still reading, there’s something I want to add.

I’m not saying you have to become the next Arnold or Fitness figure champion…but, find something you like, something you enjoy and start doing it.

It could be lifting some heavy weights. It could be doing some hill sprints. It could be simply going for a fast paced walk around the neighborhood. It could be a game of touch football. Whatever it is….start now…do it…and keep doing it…and keep getting better/faster/stronger at whatever it is you started. That’s a sure way to reach your goals faster.

As they say: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Take that first step, do yourself a favor and start TODAY!

That’s it guys…get after your dreams…believe and succeed!

You can do it…if you just do it! 😉

A random but, solid tune to get you on your way:

Straight up doing it,

Matt B

  1. Josh Blacker says:

    Yeah buddy!!! Great post…I was in a space yesterday where I knew I should be working out but making excuses; I don’t have a gym, it’s too cold in the basement etc. etc. But, I manned up and put the excuses aside and went downstairs to the basement and used the old equipment we first started using back in the day. And, of course, I felt awesome. Just do it! You always feel better afterwards.

    • mblacker says:

      Awesome to hear! Glad it helped and that the message got through. Better to do something than put it off and wait. Besides, i’m sure you felt better after doing it!

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