Grip Strength!

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Exercise, Training
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Hey guys, thanks for checking in.

Going to keep this one  brief…a quick focus on grip strength!

An iron grip is a must! If you want to call yourself a real man, you gotta have a strong grip! I can’t express enough how much a weak grip frustrates me and how annoying it is when I shake someones hand and it’s like grabbing a dead fish! Ladies, you too should focus on having a strong grip…no more having to ask someone to open a jar or something right?! 😉

Opens jars with one hand behind the back.

Not only does a strong grip come into play in your day to day living (opening that jar again) but it’s very important in the gym. There are a number of exercises that require a strong grip (deadlifts, shrugs, rows, etc) and if your grip is weak these exercises will be weak and you will be weak because you are limiting your growth/strength potential.

Some of you might be saying “what about using straps?” A good question and one that will have supporters on both sides. My belief is that you should always train to you maximum strength capability (if not slightly beyond it) before implementing any aides (ie. straps).  Far too often I see people in the gym using straps at the wrong times (too light a weight) and/or for the wrong purpose (barbell curls). Please don’t be that guy!

Regretabbly, I used straps as part of my training too frequently when I was younger and as a result I am now playing catch up…trying to build up some solid iron bending grip strength!

No Straps!

Of course, being human I have my limitations and as much as I’d like to be able to deadlift  1000lbs with no straps, that ain’t gonna happen! What I do know…and what I do is train to my max without straps and only occasionally and when absolutely necessary do I use them. I will seek out all other ways to use and increase my grip strength before strapping on a pair of straps.

A good rule of thumb: if your grip is limiting the amount you can lift and thereby limiting your focused muscle group strength capability; go ahead and use straps. But only after you have given it your all!

Only when the weight limits your muscle group strength gains should you use straps.

Before I strap up, the two most common techniques/aides I’ll use first are an alternating grip and/or chalk.  It is amazing how much stronger you feel with some white dust on your hands. Once you wrap your hands around that bar…it pretty much isn’t going anywhere! I highly recommend you get some good quality chalk and give it a try.

Strong grip? Chalk it up.

My Saturday workout:

1.Heavy db step-ups 2×7, 1×20

2.Cheat bb shrugs 1×7,1×5, 1×10 **chalked up on this one, HUGE help** Grip strength in full effect!

3.a Standing calves 2×7, 1×20

b Incline db curl 2×7, 1×11

4.Reverse wrist curl 2×15

Pretty simple but sure got the job done! Feeling it today and my forearms, grip, and traps are in full FORCE!  Still no squats but the replacements are doing an admirable job so far and legs are feeling strong. The step ups required a whole lot of mind over matter as the last set of 20 was suppose to be around 60% of the heavy working sets but due to a calculation error it was 80%. Got it done though and rocked that mofo! Goes to show ya…don’t let the weights defeat you!

Straight up gripping it,

Matt B

  1. femmearyya says:

    Amen to that 🙂 Always givin us the straight up goods 🙂

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